Route: Chop Hardy Loop
Date of Ride: 27 June, 2019

Set in the North East of England, this was a second evening of wonderful weather which 3 of us took advantage of on Thursday 27/06 – Tim on his MTB and Ruth on her hybrid e-bike roadster not at all ideal for some sections on this loop.

This shorter generally easier route still had its challenges which Ruth met and overcame as part of the journey she is on transitioning from road biking to cycling on trails. She done good!

The village is Blanchland; the curved grooves on the hillside are holloways created by pack horse trains carrying lead ore from the hills between 1600 and oatcake in the early 19C. The field of grooves are ‘rigg and furrough’ made during the same historical period by being ploughed in the same direction every year with teams of horses (working together hence the use of the word team in sport and business). 

Note the pic of me on my bike as requested from last evenings post. You will see we ended at the same point as last evening followed by a 2 mile cycle along the edges of the reservoir which I always think is what cycling in Finland or Sweden must be like.