Route: Herring Road: Lauder - Dunbar
Date of Ride: 22 April, 2019

On MONDAY 6 riders on MTBs, 2 on ebikes and 1 on a gravel bike rode the Herring Road between Lauder and Dunbar in the Scottish Borders in warm sunshine. The first 4 pics were taken on the way up to Scotland. Crossing a changing landscape with 1,152 m total up and 1,320 m total down, this scenic XC 30 mile Heritage Trail provides a mix of surfaces from singletrack to wide gravel tracks built to transport wind turbine structures. Once again we began with bacon sarnies at the Black Bull in Lauder and ended with fish n chips in Eyemouth. The two stone cairns are called Twin Law*. Thanks to Ruth for driving the minibus for drop-off and collect. It was fun to ride the same route twice in 3 days with 2 different groups. A few similar pics to those taken on the Saturday ride and few different ones.