MTB riders on Hexhamshire Common

Route: Hexhamshire Common to above Allendale and back
Date of Ride: 8 August, 2019

7 of us slotted a favourite evening ride across Hexhamshire Common to above Allendale and back again in between days of stormy weather.

We hate the fact historical bridleways have been sanitised for 4 x 4s belonging the grouse shooting fraternity but at least it means we have dry tracks to ride even during wet spells. It's an ill woodwind that nobody blows good.

The artworks were created by the talented son of a local farmer using scrap metal, the long walled track which links to the fell is called a ward way created in years gone by so local valley people could keep a small number of sheep on the fell in an area called a stint – a commoners right to graze up to 5 sheep.

The lovely road side memory seat says ‘Enjoy every sunset’.