3 of us cycled from Belford in north Northumberland today past the Singing Hinnies* rock formation at Cockenheugh en route to St Cuthbert’s Cave.

Riding between yellow gorse we made our way to hidden parts of beautiful Kyloe Woods via an amazing hut with a fabulous view the past climbers on Kyloe in the Woods crag. We checked out a cycle grid 2 landowners asked me to install on the Sandstone Way which they keep gated making it a waste of volunteers money.

Post ride I attached 4 new large signs on 2 gates on the Sandstone Way a few cyclists keep leaving open to the distress of the horse owner. * en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singing_hinny – ‘hinny’ comes from hen which is friendly word for a female in parts of the north of England. First ride with youthful Mark and Simon – hopefully not the last.