On Sunday 5 members of Tyne Valley MTB Cycling rode a challenging route through and over the Pennine Ridge we call The Jack, the Gelt & the Knar. With an outward headwind it took us 7.25 hours to cover 41.6 km and climb a total of 1079 m although it felt more.

The ascent from the Eden Valley mid point to Gillingbriggate was a tough 307 m which required some pushing it was so steep in places. The 338 m descent which followed was in part across trackless heather required clear visibility, good navigation skills and the ability to avoid hidden rocks. At one point one rider who is in his seventies and should know better, went clean over the handlebars but I wasn’t hurt. As well as great views – many of which were hard-earned - we saw some rare birds on what was a true mountain day. Not one for softies it should be said. NB. TVMTBC pressed for 15 years for the bridge to be built and you can see the Cumbria RoW guys did an excellent job. The pics tell the story of our route.