Route: Waskerley Loop
Date of Ride: 26 June, 2019

Only occasionally do I get the opportunity to lead the near perfect ride on almost perfect ground conditions in perfect weather with 5 fit but imperfect companions all a decade + past 50. Wednesday evening 26/06 was just the opportunity and I grabbed it with both wheels. I invite you to take this ride with me through my pics taken in chronological order.

This route is one of the longest evening rides we undertake mid Summer and you can see why we like it. See which confirms it was 36.4 km long, it took us 2.5 hours to cycle, we ascended 570 m and our average speed was 14.5 km / h.

The expanse of water is Derwent Reservoir; the other water is a much smaller reservoir fed by a number of 'leets' like the one we cycled next to.