Keswick - Threlkeld rail path to re-open

We've just found out the plans to re-open the rail path between Keswick and Threlkeld are now taking shape. It's not going to be quick but its going to happen so well done to the LDNPA.

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Ever wondered how new promoted MTB routes are researched?

Ever wondered when new promoted MTB routes are researched and how they are assembled?

Well, its not always on a bike or in the summer. On 23/01, it took 141 miles of driving plus 5 hours of walking in wellies to check out possible route sections for a new Sandstone Way variant in 4 different parts of the northern Cheviots. Some 'paths' were blocked, some have gone AWOL, one had had its gate removed, many were badly water-logged and all those without a stone base were a mud-fest.

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Researching new Sandstone Way options

On 20/01 TVMTB's lead route researcher spent the day checking out some route options for the Sandstone way reprint map. Pics show a BrW that will be used and a BrW that won't. Note the old style signpost and also the opening hours of the Star pub at Netherton. No use for a lunch stop.

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ACLs at Corbridge

The ACLs at Corbridge rumble on mainly because some vehicle drivers have taken it upon themselves to drive down the middle of the road for some reason known only to themselves having never encountered cycle lanes before.  They blame the cycle lanes for their driving (and lack of knowledge of the Highway Code?) and accuse them of being dangerous.

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Campaigning to keep temporary road in Lake District (Updated)

Little ol' Tyne Valley MTB is campaigning for OpenMTB, CTC, British Cycling and as many local cycling groups as possible to send the message to Highways England that we want the temporary road they are planning by Dunmail Raise in the Lake District to be left in place for cyclists to use once the A591 is rebuilt. There will never be a better opportunity to make this happen than now. 

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