Cheviot Hills Orbital by MTB

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This map/guide reveals the best mountain biking routes in the Cheviot Hills. The MTB Cheviot Hills Orbital is a classic tour which is four routes in one:

  • The very challenging one day MTB Cheviot Hills Orbital - 82 km / 51 miles
  • The still-challenging two day MTB Cheviot Hills Orbital
  • Two separate challenging loop tours of the Cheviots – North loop 63 km/40 miles : South loop 42 km / 26 miles.

The recommended direction travel for all but the South loop is anti-clockwise. The excellent MTB traverse route really is best ridden in an easterly direction.

The recommended Direction of Travel for the western flank is north to south in terms of terrain, views, challenge, scenery, situations and brief passage into Scotland. Some would say the eastern flank route is less dramatic but it’s certainly no less challenging.

One Day MTB Cheviot Orbital Challenge: The clue is in the title and should not be under-estimated.

The Two Day MTB Cheviot Orbital: The obvious refreshment or overnight stops are Alwinton and Wooler with a very welcome refreshment stop at Ingram.


The rolling Cheviot Hills aren’t high but should be treated with the same respect as any mountain range so prepare accordingly. There are many remote valleys and navigation can be demanding. The rounded summit ridge is exposed to the wind and it’s easy to lose your bearings. Phone signals are weak and irregular. Do not attempt any of the routes in less than clear visibility. NB: Cross border routes will mean two different sets of access laws apply.

For Scotland see

and for England see

  • Check the weather forecast 
  • Park sensibly
  • Leave name and contact details visible in your vehicle 
  • Ensure both you and your bike are in good condition 
  • Wear suitable clothing and if alone, have personal identity in a pocket 
  • Carry energy food, plenty of water and spare clothes
  • Take this and / or OS map Outdoor Leisure 16 The Cheviot Hills 1:25,000 
  • Take a compass and know how to use it 
  • Don’t rely on battery-powered navigation aids
  • Plan escape options from your chosen route
  • Most mobile phones will connect to emergency services most of the time
  • Please support local businesses

Route Updates


The next map reprint will depict the route as shown below thereby removing 4.4 km of road from the orbital and north loop.

map 1 med

The next reprint will also give a clear warning that the southbound ascent as shown below is a continuous push UP the purple coloured section. The dotted line is a track which is easier to ascend than the parallel section of bridleway which is re-joined at a full size gate.

map 2 med